Young Children

Birth – Age 3

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Creative Bible Lessons

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Safe and Fun

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Trained Classroom Leaders


A Safe place for your little ones

Getting time to focus on your spiritual growth isn’t easy when you have young children!  That’s why we do everything we can to create a safe place for your child so you can attend service and grow in God. We have consistent caretakers so we get to know your child’s individual needs and help them grow into young men and women who love Jesus.

Here's How It Works


1. Check-In

We’ll give you a ticket with a barcode that matches your child’s name tag so only you can pick them up.

2. Enjoy the Service

While you’re in service, we’ll play games and make sure your child feels right at home.

3. Pick Up

After service, bring the ticket that matches your child’s name tag - we won’t give your child to anyone who doesn’t have it!


Things you might want to know

+ Where do we drop our child off?

After coming through the main front doors, you’ll walk down the big hallway to your left. You’ll see a sign and small foyer that says, “Sprouts” on your left.

+ What ages attend the young children’s ministry, “Sprouts”?

We take ages 0-4 at Sprouts. After that, they graduate to our children’s ministry, King’s Kids.

+ Who is taking care of my child?

Most of our caretakers have been at our church for 20+ years! We have the same caretakers in “Sprouts” almost every week which means they get to know your child’s unique needs and build a relationship with them.

+ Do you change diapers?

Yes, we can if you want us to! Totally up to you.

+ Can I stay in class to help my child transition?

Absolutely. We want you to feel at ease and know your child is being taken care of.

+ What if my child cries and needs me?

If you have an attached child, or you’re new, you’re encouraged to take a pager. If your child is crying for an extended time and is inconsolable, we will page you.


Call the church office at 909-606-9833 or click here to send an email.