Children's Ministry

Preschool – 6th Grade

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Trained Classroom Leader


To Us, Your Child Is A Pretty Big Deal

At CrossPoint’s Children’s Ministry or "King's Kids", there are people from all generations that care about you and your child. We want to invest in you, support you and see your family thrive because we understand that raising a child is no small task.  We want every child to tangibly experience the love of Christ!


Here's How It Works


1. Check-In

We’ll get your child a name tag and give you a matching ticket to make sure you’re the only one that can pick them up.

2. Enjoy the Service

While you’re in service, we’ll lead your child through fun activities and creative Bible lessons to show them who God is.

3. Pick Up

Make sure to bring the ticket you were given that matches your child’s name tag - we won’t give them to anyone without it!


GEMS Girls’ Club


The mission of GEMS Girls’ Clubs is to help bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Our vision is to see girls around the world actively and enthusiastically expressing love for God and others. CrossPoint’s club strives to do this through weekly Bible studies, crafts, worship, devotions, badge work, and building relationships with their peers and counselors. GEMS is for girls in 1st through 6th grade and meets in the Fellowship Hall most Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 pm September to May.


Cadets Boys’ Club

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CrossPoint’s Cadets ministry is led by men of God who are dedicated to bring boys into a living relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The club does this through studying the Bible as the guide to life, experiencing the presence of the Lord in His glorious creation, learning the skills of an outdoorsman which builds a boy’s character, and developing a boy’s understanding of his place in God’s world to help him to be a faithful steward. Cadets is for boys in 1st through 6th grade and meets by the maintenance building on CrossPoint’s campus most Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 pm September to May.


Things you might want to know

+ Where do I drop off my child?

After coming through the main front doors, you’ll walk down the big hallway to your right. After about 30 feet, you’ll see a sign and big room on your right that says, “King’s Kids” which is where check-in is.

+ Where do I pick up my child?

You will pick up your child in their grade-level classroom.

+ Why isn't childcare available on the 1st Sunday of the month?

As parents, we want to see our children faithfully follow Jesus for their whole life. But often, when our kids grow up and phase out of the programs offered for youth, they feel uncomfortable in the main service and interacting with other age groups so they stop attending church and pursuing their faith. So that’s why we have our children (1st grade & up) join us in the main service on the first Sunday of every month - we want every child to understand from an early age what being a part of a church body feels like and how to live in community. Sure, it can be a little crazy - but we believe the long-term investment is completely worth it.

+ How are classes split up?

K-6th grade start in grade-level classrooms to build community, and then we have large group worship followed by going back to the classrooms for an age-appropriate Bible story and activities.

+ What do you do to keep my kids safe?

Keeping your child safe is very important to us. All of our leaders are background-checked and trained before they volunteer. Additionally, each parent is given a “claim ticket” that matches your child’s name tag - you must have this in order to pick up your child.

+ What happens during a typical class?

We begin class with an offering time and intro activity that ties in with the day’s lesson. Next, children get together in one big group for live worship. Lastly, they break up into grade-level specific classrooms, learn a Bible story and do an activity or craft that reinforces the lesson.


Call the church office at 909-606-9833 or click here to send an email.